About Portfolio Visualizer

Portfolio Visualizer is a sophisticated institutional-grade SaaS platform for portfolio and investment analysis, designed to be beautiful simple to use.

Uncover portfolio risks and position portfolios to meet future objectives; minimize unwanted or uncompensated risks; see how changes to strategic asset allocation affects anticipated performance; optimize your existing allocations; and seamlessly report to your clients or investment committees…and that’s just the start.

Our product agnostic platform helps leading financial institutions, RIA networks, banks, wealth managers, pensions funds, insurers, hedge funds, and asset managers make better informed decisions. Our platform quickly allows you to:

  • Model and analyze the performance of different asset allocations and portfolios based on our rich set of historical data
  • Simulate and optimize portfolios based on historical returns or forward-looking capital market expectations
  • Identify and test the risk factor exposures of investment products
  • Test tactical asset allocations models that aim to offer better risk adjusted performance
  • Generate reports and export data in PDF, Excel, and CSV formats
  • Import custom data series for use as portfolio assets and benchmarks

We also provide custom solutions for institutional clients including data integrations and deployment specific features based on specific use cases. A dedicated and API is also available for seamless integrations. Please contact us for more details.